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If you’re reading this, we’re probably at least a little bit like you, and you’re a little bit like us. We traded in our tent a few years back for some of the technological advancements in camping – specifically Kath wanted a bathroom. Well, a few years later, and we are way beyond that simple improvement on “roughing it.” We have all the things we swore off at the beginning of this transformation – microwave, recliners, and (gasp) TVs. We are no longer camping. We are traveling and seeing more of the country than we ever thought we’d see, and we are living a lifestyle that we maybe never thought we wanted or was possible, but one that we love.

When we vacation with our two boys, who happen to be furry, four-legged, unconditionally loving companions, many of the decisions we make are because of them, or for them. The ones we don’t make for them are usually based on qualities we have learned from them – live in the moment, enjoy the simple things in life, try new things, explore, and bring joy to others. Bogey is our English Chocolate Lab and is the primary reason we started reconnecting with nature and travel. We decided to start camping again after he joined our family to give him the quality of life we thought he deserved.  Koele is our full of life English Golden Retriever who reminds us every day how important it is to live life and be spontaneous. Together they complete our family at home or on the road.

Why is our blog called the 19th Hole on Wheels? For golfers, the 19th hole is where the post-golf festivities begin. Most often it is the bar located at the golf course clubhouse. A 19th hole is a place where people swap stories with old friends, meet new friends, drink, eat, laugh, reminisce, and maybe even consume an adult beverage or two.




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